Modular Building Technology


Service Overview

The world is changing for the better and so do the construction practices. Modular construction utilizes advanced technologies to sustainably build residential and commercial spaces. We provide personalized modular construction solutions that result in firm, eco-friendly, and high-quality buildings.

Why Choose Us?

Modular technology makes the construction process straightforward, economic, and swift. The perks you receive while choosing us as your modular construction company are as follows:

  • 90% Built Offsite In A Factory
  • Time Guarantee
  • 30% Cheaper To Maintain
  • Fully Mortgageable
  • Earthquake Resistant Buildings

We Build Homes With Advanced Construction Solutions For A better Tomorrow

Why we do it better?

With modern and economic modular technology, take a step ahead in the world of construction. s

Sustainable life demands sustainable construction, and Modular Homes are the answer to that problem. This green construction technology uses less energy, creates less waste, generates less dust and noise pollution, and delivers strong, eco-friendly, and high-quality buildings.

At Maximal Homes, we utilize cutting-edge and sophisticated technologies to build Prefab Homes and Commercial Buildings. Our dynamic team of experienced engineers, architects, and designers is well equipped with world-class technology and skills to construct personalised residential and commercial spaces in an off-site factory and bring them to you.

We offer highly advanced and diverse modular construction solutions that cater to all styles of Prefab Construction needs. The list comprises Pre-Engineered Buildings, PEB warehouses, Prefabricated School Buildings, Prefabricated Cold storage, and Prefabricated Houses in India.

To speed up the construction process, we use Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) (also known as cold-formed steel) as the construction material. It has various economic, structural, and environmental properties. LGSF is designed as per codal requirements and is widely used in building roof systems, floor systems, and wall systems.

We aim to reshape the construction process into a manufacturing process in a controlled environment that boosts construction speed, safety, flexibility, quality, durability and cost-effectiveness, with use of eco-friendly material.

Opt for green construction, and let us deliver you superior quality modular construction solutions that enfold all modern and custom features.